Do you like farmhouse duck and rural tourism? 

Welcome to the farm !

Since 2018, halfway between Bergerac and Périgueux, at La Reygasse, Fabrice Gay has been raising ducks to offer you farm products and artisanal: foie gras, confits, duck breasts ... After his mother, a producer for forty years, he continues this local tradition of Périgord by favoring human-scale breeding, in the open air, on the edge of the woods.

galon, vagues orange
  • Our ducks are raised
  • outdoors in the shade
  • of chestnut trees and fed
  • with locally produced
  • cereals ...
galon, vagues orange
  • We sell our production directly
  • on the farm
  • and on local markets
  • (preserves + fresh in season)
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  • We welcome
  • in a simple
  • and warm setting:
  • guest rooms, farm inn
  • and camper van area